Devil to Lolcat

As I had mentioned in the previous post, I have started to play poker regularly and with a bit more seriousness. I play at a no-money poker club that meets at a sports bar, and every week the player with the most points gets rewarded with a free buy-in at a nearby casino. This week I was leading till the last night, and at the last night I might have been ursurped by the second position player. I am not sure if that happened yet and am waiting for official results.

I spent most of last night cribbing about this to MAD, and hating the player for all of today. I googled his name and the first link to pop up was from an adoption site. Turns out the player was an adopted kid and is trying to find his birth parents. Now I feel bad that I might have narrowly beaten him to the win (by 1-2 pts out of total of 340+). I almost want him to win and feel like that might provide some relief to him. Not that he needs it. He has won quite a few tournaments. Still, it could be my contribution to his feel good factor however involuntary the gesture might be.


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