Swimmingly well, thank you.

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The quarter has ended and brought along the joys of not having to TA for rest of my natural life, YAY!!! It was not that bad a quarter after all, just too much work that was not personally rewarding. The last week was very busy with setting up the final exam, grading them, figuring out grades for the course, dealing with irrate students, etc.

On research front, I got started on a new project that might end up being my PhD thesis, or at the least my next journal paper. Lets see which way it goes. I am very excited about it. We have had a few meetings with our project sponsors and all of them seem to be motivated to get the preliminary results out by August end. This boads well for my plans of holding general exams before the end of summer.

Things have been going pretty well with MAD. We spend most of the evenings together and seem to be enjoying it. She has been preparing coffee and breakfast for me for the last two days, and I have to tell you it is absolutely awesome when you can just jump out of the bed, brush your teeth and there is a hot cup of coffee waiting at the table. Also, waking up to her smile is a perk by itself.

The groom hunt for my sis is in full motion again, and it is a much calmer and through process this time around. I am optimistic about it. A direct result of this is much needed respite from all the yelling and anxiety in the family. Good stuff.

Oh, and I have taken up playing poker atleast 2 nights a week and I have been doing quite well the last couple of weeks.

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